Do you offer backups?

Our backup schedule for Web Hosting & Reseller Hosting is as follows:
Hourly Backups to a remote (on-site) RAID 6 storage array, with a 24 hour retention.
Daily Backup (using the last hourly backup made) to a remote (on-site) RAID 6 storage array, with a 7 day retention.

Backups are done using R1Soft which utilizes an incremental backup system. 
Additionally, all web hosting servers run RAID 10 arrays of SSD drives backed by LSI Hardware RAID Controllers with Backup Battery Units for added redundancy.

For Virtual Private Servers (KVM)
If you have the Backup Addon, full-container backups are performed. Please note that due to the nature of KVM's full virtualization, this renders the VPS offline during a timeframe of between 1-10 minutes as the backup generates.
For managed services, we can provide either full container backups, or use the cPanel Backup Feature to make cPanel backups to your own space on our backup storage arrays.
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