How do I restore backups?

We utilize the widely known system R1Soft to make backups of all user data on our Shared Web Hosting & Reseller servers. This also allows end-users to restore their own backups without any assistance from our side. The below shows you how to restore a backup from R1Soft.

First, log in to cPanel and click the R1Soft Restore Backups link in cPanel.

Having done so, you will be transferred to the R1Soft restore page. You may be logged in automatically, but may also need to log in again. If you need to log in again, simply log in using your cPanel credentials.

Once you are logged in, you will be presented with a list of all backups available to you. By default, we do backups every hour, and retain those backups for 24 hours. Every 24 hours, the last backup is also stored as a daily backup - with a 7 day retention.

On the right hand side of each backup, you have four buttons. The first will let you browse all files of the backup, and restore those that you need. The second button lets you browse all the databases backed up, and restore the ones you wish to restore. The third and fourth buttons are ways to download your backups.

Let's have a look at restoring files, first. Click the first button from the left, on the righthand side. That will bring you to the screen below. In a typical full restore, you would first delete all files in the public_html folder of the account prior to restoring the backup. You'd then select the entire public_html folder from the backup, and click Restore. Simply double-click the home folder to be brought into it - and mark any files or folders you wish to restore. Then click Restore.

Finally, to restore backups - click the second button from the left, on the list of backups. You will be brought to the screen below, and can freely select any databases you wish to restore from the backup.

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