How many accounts are put on a server?

This is a question we get quite a lot, and the truth is that there is no firm number!

Most providers will have a set amount of accounts on each system. They may limit this to anywhere between 400, to 1500 accounts. Once that server is filled up, they provision a new system - and the cycle repeats.
This may seem logical, but it can actually carry certain issues. Since each website is different, some websites will consume considerably more system resources than others. The result of this can be that whilst one system with (for example) 500 websites becomes really slow - another system with 1000 websites can be really fast. We believe, that your website performance and reliability should never be randomly decided by what server you were placed on!

Our method is therefore different. We monitor our systems closely, and provision accounts based on system resource usage. Our limit is when there is less than 50% of idle CPU availability.
As we reach this point, accounts are instead placed on a different system where this parameter can be met. The result of this is that websites run equally fast, no matter which system they are placed on - as there will always be CPU resources available to cater the requests.

The idea behind this is that we always maintain at least half of the CPU idle - as there are things that can temporarily require extra CPU resources. This can vary from backups being run, to heavy bursts in traffic. Many providers will see a decrease in overall performance as things like these occur, simply because they do not account for them when scaling their systems. As we've demonstrated above, we scale our systems to help ensure that we always expect the unexpected.

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