Support Scope

Here, we will explain the level of support that we offer as part of your reseller hosting account.

As your web hosting provider, we are responsible for providing support for the following:

- Issues related to FTP, or uploading your website to your account.

- Issues related to our control panels (such as our Client Area, cPanel, WHM, SolusVM). An example of this would be if you get an error attempting to create a database or e-mail account, or if you have issues processing a payment in the Client Area.

- Any sales or billing (such as ordering new services, processing a cancellation, upgrading your plan(s), duplicate payments) questions.

- Problems regarding sending or receiving e-mail. Note that this does not cover troubleshooting your local e-mail client, but we do try to offer guidance for these setups.

- Problems with the installation of scripts using Softaculous

- Network and server health

The following are examples of things that are outside of our Support Scope

- Troubleshooting individual websites

- Installing custom software/scripts

- The running/maintaining of a website

- Programming work (such as fixing/modifying scripts)

- Recovering an account from a compromise

We always try our best to assist you with what we can - but there is no way for us to understand how every piece of software/script works. We of course know of a lot of common issues, and if we see one - we'll be more than happy to offer tips or guidance.

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